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In this WBAL-AM “Know Your Health” radio clip, Dr. Delanois discusses anterior hip replacement surgery.

What's Telemedicine And What You Can Expect During Your Doctor Visits Amid COVID-19

Dr. Ronald Delanois: Telemedicine in simple terms is a way to communicate to our patients, outside of the in person visit. So traditionally, you come to our office, you meet us we see you we treat you and you leave. It has its own obstacle, especially as our country continues to work and try to read and get back to work. So telehealth is another medium of communication. "Tele" meaning through the phone. But the reality is its video health, right, it's the opportunity to use video, as we're doing now, to communicate to our patients to even evaluate our patients and treat our patients via another medium, and right now it's through video. So most of us are familiar with FaceTime and other mediums Skyping -- this is another opportunity for us to touch our patients and make sure they're getting the right healthcare.

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